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Twitter storm for UN #Anti-racism day Saturday 19 March 12-1pm:

Join the @nursesnarrate twitter storm UN day for the elimination of racism to

  • call for organisations and individuals to endorse the Anti-Racist Manifesto for change
  • Call for the government and the NHS to release the data on the number of health care staff who died by ethnicity.
  • Watch the film EXPOSED


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ONE SATURDAY 19 MARCH 12-1PM please join the twitter storm to promote the following hashtags

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Endorse the Anti-Racist #Manifestoforchange ‘Due to the history of racist practices towards Black and Brown health workers we demand a health service that is actively anti-racist’ #manifestoforchange #Releasethedata  @covidinquiryuk @theRCN @nmcnews  @NHS_RHO @NHSProviders @NHSBME

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Why has the government not released the data on health care staff deaths by ethnicity? We call for transparency and accountability. @covidinquiryuk @theRCN @nmcnews  @NHS_RHO @NHSProviders @NHSBME #manifestoforchange #Releasethedata  

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Watch EXPOSED, a groundbreaking documentary in which health care workers speak about their experiences of racism during and prior to the pandemic. #manifestoforchange #Releasethedata @theRCN @nmcnews @NHS_RHO @NHSProviders @NHSBME


Organise a screening of EXPOSED in your Trust, organisation or union branch

Exposed is available to screen for free. Please let us know the date, time and venue for the screening. We are happy to support after screen discussions of the film and Anti-Racism Manifesto for Change

The trailer is here Exposed – Trailer (2022)


Ask your Trust, organisation or union branch to endorse the manifesto by sending their Name to with the full name of the organization. We will add names of all organisations to the Anti-Racism Manifesto for Change

‘Nursing Narratives: Racism and the Pandemic is a collaborative project that uses documentary film and writing to amplify the experiences and perspectives of black and minority ethnic health workers. Black and migrant nurses and care staff have made a critical contribution to the NHS and social care. But the coronavirus outbreak has laid bare structural inequalities and black  and  minority ethnic communities have suffered the greatest losses. A lot of data has been collected to prove that racism exists but what does this mean in terms of people’s lives, particularly during the pandemic? We talked to nurses and support staff to record their stories and shed light on the diverse racisms that they have encountered both during the pandemic and historically during their careers:  institutional and structural racism, the hostile environment, bullying, micro-aggressions, cultural insensitivity, etc.  We believe their knowledge and experience can hold the key to creating significant change through which to support the building of a more inclusive society and a more equitable NHS capable of delivering the best patient care.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the email below, or send a message using the form.

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