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‘Nursing Narratives: Racism and the Pandemic is a collaborative project that will use documentary film and writing to amplify the experiences and perspectives of black and minority ethnic health workers. Black and migrant nurses and care staff have made a critical contribution to the NHS and social care. But the coronavirus outbreak has laid bare structural inequalities and black  and  minority ethnic communities have suffered the greatest losses. A lot of data has been collected to prove that racism exists but what does this mean in terms of people’s lives, particularly during the pandemic? We wish to talk to nurses and support staff so we can record your stories and shed light on the diverse racisms that you have encountered both during the pandemic and historically during your careers:  institutional and structural racism, the hostile environment, bullying, micro-aggressions, cultural insensitivity, etc.  We believe your knowledge and experience can hold the key to creating significant change through which to support the building of a more inclusive society and a more equitable NHS capable of delivering the best patient care.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the email below, or send a message using the form. We can explain how we could work with you on the documentary or, if you prefer, work with you to record your story anonymously.

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