Racism in clinical trials and health care – what must be done?

Racism in clinical trials and health care – what must be done? by Anandi Ramamurthy Ethnic minorities are currently underrepresented in vaccine clinical trials taking place across the UK. There are only 11,000 volunteers from Asian and British Asian backgrounds (4.3%) and 1,200 from Black, African, Caribbean or Black British backgrounds (0.5%) in current vaccineContinue reading “Racism in clinical trials and health care – what must be done?”

Let’s break the silence by telling the truth to power

Let’s break the silence by telling the truth to power by Sadiq Bhanbro. Racism in the NHS and social care sector is historical, systematic, and widespread, and the pandemic has exposed it all. The disproportionate number of COVID-19 deaths of Black and Minority Ethnic health care staff is an eye-opening example. Therefore, it cannot beContinue reading “Let’s break the silence by telling the truth to power”

Nursing Narratives Survey

Nursing Narratives: Racism and the Pandemic is an Arts and Humanities Research Council project and film that aims to shed light on institutional and workplace racism in health and social care during and prior to the pandemic. Please take our survey so that we can better understand the kinds of racisms that workers in the sector face,Continue reading “Nursing Narratives Survey”

Nursing Narratives Survey – Click here

Do you work for the NHS? Have you experience workplace racism? Please fill in our survey it will take less than 5 mins #RacismintheNHS #RacismatWork #PandemicRacism National Nursing Survey (qualtrics.com) Do you work in health and social care? Have you experienced workplace racism? #RacismintheNHS #RacismatWork #PandemicRacism Nursing Narratives Survey (qualtrics.com) We are launching this ongoing nationalContinue reading “Nursing Narratives Survey – Click here”

Racism & the Pandemic – Tell Your Story

In the first month of the UK lockdown, 72% of the NHS and social care staff who died were from BME backgrounds ‘Nursing Narratives: Racism and the Pandemic is a collaborative project that will use documentary film and writing to amplify the experiences and perspectives of black and minority ethnic health workers. Black and migrantContinue reading “Racism & the Pandemic – Tell Your Story”