We are not just a commodity, we’re humans.

The story of Sam, a migrant nurse. I am an overseas nurse who wanted to help the sick and my family. I was attracted too, by the dream of travelling. I borrowed a huge amount of money to help me on my journey and spent many months improving my English before I started work. IContinue reading “We are not just a commodity, we’re humans.”

We Black nurses, are there.

Karen Hutchinson MSC RMN.RGN. 38 years and still counting. I am really saddened by the lack of the media representation of Black nurses and indeed people of colour in the fight against COVID-19. But I am not surprised. After 38 years of working as a nurse in various health settings… this is my unfortunate ‘norm’. IContinue reading “We Black nurses, are there.”

Give Us a Break – Racism in Nursing.

This is a nurse’s reality, written in confidence to protect against backlash. When I decided to become a nurse all of those years ago, it was simply because I wanted to care for people; human beings as people. It would never have been the case that I only wanted to care for or work withContinue reading “Give Us a Break – Racism in Nursing.”

Understanding wariness in the Black community over the COVID-19 vaccine.

Adedolapo Adeleke on the need to build community trust. “I am not taking the vaccine, I do not trust it. I think it’s too soon to have a vaccine.” This was the response I got when I asked a friend if they were going to take the COVID 19 vaccine. This reluctance to receiving theContinue reading “Understanding wariness in the Black community over the COVID-19 vaccine.”

2020 – A year when everything stood still.

Covid through the eyes of an ICU nurse. Last year on the 23rdMarch 2020 I volunteered to work in the intensive care unit from my base which was a dermatology out-patients department. It has been a year since the Covid 19 outbreak happened. We were certain that we would be redeployed to other areas. SinceContinue reading “2020 – A year when everything stood still.”

“Isn’t racism a crime? …I felt like ethnic minority nurses were left to die”

An overseas nurse manager tells her story. Sixteen years ago, I arrived in the UK, an overseas nurse with dreams and aspirations. I was told you could be whatever you want from an inspirational leader and I held that very close to my heart. I was naïve when I came to the UK, it wasContinue reading ““Isn’t racism a crime? …I felt like ethnic minority nurses were left to die””

Don’t Tell Me Britain Isn’t Structurally Racist

Read Riel’s story. I have worked in the Middle East for 10 years, but because of my sexuality it proved to be difficult, so a good friend of mine encouraged me to apply as a nurse in the UK. I was hesitant because I lost £1000 to a fraudulent UK agency, when I applied someContinue reading “Don’t Tell Me Britain Isn’t Structurally Racist”

Racism Reporting Tool and Anti-Racist Framework

by Esther Akinpelu – Paediatric Emergency Nurse and member of Nurses of Colour. I am a children’s emergency nurse and I have been qualified for 11 years. My whole life has been shaped by racism and it is a continuous fight for equality. I have joined Nurses United because I believe there is power inContinue reading “Racism Reporting Tool and Anti-Racist Framework”

Empire, Colonisation, Slavery and Healthcare: why our Institutions need re-educating.

by Fatimah Mohamied – Midwife and editorial board member of ‘The Student Midwife Journal’, contributor of ‘all4maternity’ and contributor to the ‘Association of South Asian Midwives’. Midwifery is a profession that not only cares for the physical health of its clientele, but has also a deep and lasting impact on the mental and social healthContinue reading “Empire, Colonisation, Slavery and Healthcare: why our Institutions need re-educating.”