We Black nurses, are there.

Karen Hutchinson MSC RMN.RGN. 38 years and still counting. I am really saddened by the lack of the media representation of Black nurses and indeed people of colour in the fight against COVID-19. But I am not surprised. After 38 years of working as a nurse in various health settings… this is my unfortunate ‘norm’. IContinue reading “We Black nurses, are there.”

Give Us a Break – Racism in Nursing.

This is a nurse’s reality, written in confidence to protect against backlash. When I decided to become a nurse all of those years ago, it was simply because I wanted to care for people; human beings as people. It would never have been the case that I only wanted to care for or work withContinue reading “Give Us a Break – Racism in Nursing.”

Understanding wariness in the Black community over the COVID-19 vaccine.

Adedolapo Adeleke on the need to build community trust. “I am not taking the vaccine, I do not trust it. I think it’s too soon to have a vaccine.” This was the response I got when I asked a friend if they were going to take the COVID 19 vaccine. This reluctance to receiving theContinue reading “Understanding wariness in the Black community over the COVID-19 vaccine.”

2020 – A year when everything stood still.

Covid through the eyes of an ICU nurse. Last year on the 23rdMarch 2020 I volunteered to work in the intensive care unit from my base which was a dermatology out-patients department. It has been a year since the Covid 19 outbreak happened. We were certain that we would be redeployed to other areas. SinceContinue reading “2020 – A year when everything stood still.”

“Isn’t racism a crime? …I felt like ethnic minority nurses were left to die”

An overseas nurse manager tells her story. Sixteen years ago, I arrived in the UK, an overseas nurse with dreams and aspirations. I was told you could be whatever you want from an inspirational leader and I held that very close to my heart. I was naïve when I came to the UK, it wasContinue reading ““Isn’t racism a crime? …I felt like ethnic minority nurses were left to die””

Don’t Tell Me Britain Isn’t Structurally Racist

Read Riel’s story. I have worked in the Middle East for 10 years, but because of my sexuality it proved to be difficult, so a good friend of mine encouraged me to apply as a nurse in the UK. I was hesitant because I lost £1000 to a fraudulent UK agency, when I applied someContinue reading “Don’t Tell Me Britain Isn’t Structurally Racist”

Racism Reporting Tool and Anti-Racist Framework

by Esther Akinpelu – Paediatric Emergency Nurse and member of Nurses of Colour. I am a children’s emergency nurse and I have been qualified for 11 years. My whole life has been shaped by racism and it is a continuous fight for equality. I have joined Nurses United because I believe there is power inContinue reading “Racism Reporting Tool and Anti-Racist Framework”

Empire, Colonisation, Slavery and Healthcare: why our Institutions need re-educating.

by Fatimah Mohamied – Midwife and editorial board member of ‘The Student Midwife Journal’, contributor of ‘all4maternity’ and contributor to the ‘Association of South Asian Midwives’. Midwifery is a profession that not only cares for the physical health of its clientele, but has also a deep and lasting impact on the mental and social healthContinue reading “Empire, Colonisation, Slavery and Healthcare: why our Institutions need re-educating.”

The government “does not know enough about the experience of frontline staff, particularly BAME staff”

In the cross-party Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report ‘COVID-19: Government procurement and supply of Personal Protective Equipment’, the PAC has  raised concern about the experiences of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff who were more likely to report being affected by PPE shortages and feel pressured to work without adequate protection. They said: ‘A third of BAME doctorsContinue reading “The government “does not know enough about the experience of frontline staff, particularly BAME staff””