Anti-Racist Manifesto

An Anti-Racist Health Service

Individuals – Please sign to support the Manifesto here

Organisations – If your organisation or union branch want to become active signatories to the manifesto please email with their name and it will be added below.

Endorsed by: Equality for Black NursesNurses of Colour Network,
Association of South Asian Midwives, Kanlungan Filipino Consortium,
Caribbean African Health Network, Filipino Nurses Association, Nigeria Nurses
Charitable Association UK, Malawian-UK Nurses Association, Uganda Nurses
and Midwives Association UK, Caribbean Nurses and Midwives Association
(UK), Society of African and Caribbean Midwives, Nurses Association of
Jamaica, Zimbabwean Midwifery and Nurses Association, Philipine Nurses
Association, British Indian Nurses Association, Ghana Nurses Association,
Kenyan Nurses and Midwives Association UK, Cameroon Nurses, Association
of South African Nurses in the United Kingdom, Gambia Healthcare Matters,
Ivorian Association for Health Promotion UK, British Pakistani Nurses and
Midwives Association, Migrant Media.

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