Filming the Pandemic

As part of Nursing Narratives we would like the documentary to contain phone footage of your experience of the pandemic. It could be clips you filmed during or after work, at home, on any protests you went to, of the events that marked the passing of those who had died or the moments that celebrated the work that NHS staff were doing. These personal moments can also tell the story of the whole country when put together in the film. If you have any material and would consider sharing with us please email us at so we can let you know more. Please write the word ‘Footage’ in the header of the email. All of our communications are in confidence and if you don’t want to be identified in the footage we can treat the film it so that it is anonymous. On the other hand, if you want to be credited on the film we would be happy to do that. Either way please get in touch. Thank you.

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Nursing Narratives - Racism & the Pandemic

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